Welcome to the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts

On this page, we have summarised all information that you should know to begin with. You will also find all information elsewhere while browsing through our web pages.

We wish you a good start.

Your University IT Department

Your first address for questions related to the services of the University IT Department


On this page, the University IT Department provides you with information on how to use its services.

You can access the contents with your HsH account.

HomePage ServiceIt

Services and FAQs

Our FAQs are certainly one of the most important pages for you. In addition to useful information, they often provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up a service. The FAQs are listed on one of the service pages. On this page you can get an overview of all services. Log in to your HsH account using the 'Login' button at the top right to see all content.

The contents include, for example:

  • Accounts
  • your CampusCard
  • E-Mail
  • WiFi network
  • File services
  • und printers and copier machines


Just as important as FAQs is up-to-date information about technical difficulties or planned maintenance that affect the use of our services. We provide information about such events on our notification overview. You should visit it regularly. You can also subscribe to the reports as RSS feeds. Information on the procedure can be found in the info box of the notification overview.

If you have a question about a service or have a problem with a service, first search this page for help before contacting IT staff members.

If you ever need any help

You can contact the IT Department of your Faculty

Faculty Email
Faculty I f1-support@hs-hannover.de
Faculty II, Department M f2-support-it@hs-hannover.de
Faculty II, Department BV f2-bv-support-it@hs-hannover.de
Faculty III f3-support@hs-hannover.de
Faculty IV, Department BWL and WI f4-w-support@hs-hannover.de
Faculty IV, Department of Computer Science f4-i-support-it@hs-hannover.de
Faculty V support-f5@hs-hannover.de

Here you can contact the Service Desk of the University IT Department - Campus Linden

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the IT ServiceDesk is currently closed. For many topics you will find detailed instructions and assistance on these pages. If you still need help, please email your request to the address below. Our hotline has also been back in operation since September. You can reach us on extension 4444 Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

ServiceDesk Linden:

Map of service desk

ServiceDesk Kleefeld:

Map campus Kleefeld

Assistance with questions related to your studies

For example, if you cannot validate your CampusCard, this could have been caused by the re-registration for the new semester. In such cases, please contact Dezernat III - student administration.


Your account

Your accounts are structured as follows:
Master account: abc-123
User account: abc-123-u1

The university has set up a master account for you, which enables you to set up and manage other accounts such as the user account for using various services or a WLAN account. The setup is possible via the account manager. In the account manager, log in with the master account.

You should have already received an email from the university with a link to set up your accounts.

By using your account, you undertake to comply with our Userregulations

You can find more information about your HsH account on our service page.



All students receive an HSH email address ending in @stud.hs-hannover.de. You can see your full email address when you log in to Outlook Web App with your HsH account (e.g. "abc-123-u1").

You should already have set up your HsH account.
You have received an email with a link to set it up.

Further information is available on the "Email account" service page.



The wireless network eduroam is broadcast at the University of Hanover. In the network environment of your mobile device, this WLAN should be visible at all locations. In order to be able to log in to this network, you need an eduroam account. You can create this account yourself. Detailed instructions on how to create an eduroam account and further information can be found on the "WLAN" service page.




You have your own home directory at the university for storing your data. With WebDisk you can access your directories. Information on using WebDisk can be found here.

Academic Cloud

All students can store up to 50 GB of data in the Academic Cloud. You can share data with other users and groups, for example for project communities. Visit the Academic Cloud Services page for more information.



With the Global Protect Clients, a virtual private network is set up to the university network. All data traffic is encrypted via this connection. In addition, the user receives an IP address from the Hannover University of Applied Sciences network for the duration of the connection.

This IP address gives you access to the following services, for example:

  • licensed software
  • licensed library services
  • Connections to the file server (home/group directories)
  • protected internal pages

Here you will find instructions that provide more detailed information on downloading, installing and configuring the GlobalProtect Client.



Our teachers frequently use „Moodle & BigBlueButton“ as learning and communication platforms for their lectures.

Please find more information related to Moodle & BBB online. The student assistants of HsH Service Center for Teaching and Learning are happy to help you in their weekly public office hour.

Here you get to the Moodle of the University of Hanover.


iCMS - integrated campus management system

iCMS is an online offer that provides you with event-related information such as dates and room information. It also offers you the possibility to organize your timetables online. Click here for the iCMS portal.



As a student, you have the opportunity to use various software. You can get an overview here.


Your CampusCard

Your CampusCard offers you various functionalities.

You can use them for example:

  • as a library card
  • for authentication during exams
  • to pay in the canteen
  • for printing and copying on public devices
  • as a semester ticket (not for all courses)

Further information about your CampusCard and losing the CampusCard can be found on the service page. .


vending machines

At the university you will come across vending machines as shown in the following picture.


validation station

You must activate or extend your CampusCard at a validation station every semester. If you are enrolled for the semester, your card will be activated and the validity imprint will be renewed if necessary. More detailed information can be found here.

EC recharger

To pay with your CampusCard, you can load an amount onto your card using the EC recharger. Information on the locations of EC rechargers and other charging options can be found here.

Print account recharger

You need credit on your printing account to print and copy on public multifunction devices at the HSH. Information on the locations of print account recharger can be found here.


Print - Copy - Scan

You can use public multi-function devices in the Hochschule Hannover for printing, scanning and copying your documents. You can log into these devices using your CampusCard. Simply place your card on the card reader. Once you are logged in, you can select functions on the display. To print and copy, you need to have a credit balance in your print account. You can find a guide to know how you can charge your credit balance in the print account here.

Bildschirm Multifunktionsgerät

In order to print documents on the multi-function devices, log into the webprint.hs-hannover.de page using your HsH account (e.g. "abc-123-u1"). Then upload the file and select whether you want to print in colour or black and white. Now you can pick up your print job at any public multifunction device by logging in there and selecting the "Printjobs" function. This is also possible outside the university, as long as you establish a VPN connection before uploading.

Webprint login

You can find more information regarding “Print - Copy - Scan” on the service page.