Accounts overview

12 Which accounts can I create and what are their functions?



  • Your master account is structured as follows: abc-123-master
  • The master account is only used to log in to the account manager

account manager

  • The account manager provides an overview and administration of your accounts.
  • The account manager allows you to change passwords independently.


Your HsH-account is structured as follows: abc-123-u1



Your azure account is structured as

With your Azure account, you have access to Teams and your email inbox at



You can access the HsH WLAN with your eduroam account. You can create several eduroam accounts.

You can define the user name yourself according to predefined parameters, the password is generated automatically.

Recommended for Apple devices: Only one eduroam account for all devices
Recommended for other systems: a separate eduroam account for each device.


Your zoom account is structured as follows:

This account is required to use the Zoom platform.

Last modified: Dec. 6, 2023