Creating Accounts

How do I create accounts using Account Manager?



For all new students and staff at the Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts), a user ID, called a master account, is set up after enrolment/hiring. This is used to assign and manage further user accounts.

The students/employees automatically receive an automated email at the beginning of the semester/the start of their work.

This contains a link to activate the master account, to assign your password for the first time and to activate your university account and to assign a password for this as well.


What does the university account contain?

  • Email address
  • 5 GB memory on the server
  • Access to all public computers
  • Access to the university WiFi network

How long is the university account valid?

Note! The university account will be deactivated two weeks after exmatriculation and thus also the following functions:

  • Email address
  • Access to all public computers
  • Access to the university WiFi network

Attention: Please remember to back up your data in advance.


Creating a master account and a user account

  1. Click on the link (marked in red) from the Welcome Mail.

Note! After opening the Account manager, you have 20 minutes to set up your accounts. You can see the time at top-right next to the Logout button.

  1. After reading the linked user rules and privacy policy, confirm the two checkboxes and click OK.


  1. Click on the yellow pulsating field Activate.


  1. Read the info text displayed to you and then confirm the two checkboxes. Now click on Next.

  1. Click on Set password to set a password for your master account.

  1. Now set the new password for your master account and click on OK.

  1. A green message confirms the setting of the new password.

  1. A user account will then be created for you. You can find it on the left side below Personal account.


  1. Click on Activate in this case as well.

  1. Click on Next.

  1. Now click on the yellow pulsating field Set password.

  1. Now set a password for your personal account as well and click on OK.

  1. If the password change was successful, this will be confirmed again with a green success message.

  1. You will see an overview of your accounts on the left side.

  1. The setup of your master account and user account is now complete.
Last modified: Feb. 17, 2022